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Parish Council Notes

A particularly warm and wet winter has led to Daffodils out in many areas of the village and, as I write in late January, even hawthorn hedgerows are now sprouting spring growth two months early. Late last year the Parish Council voted to submit the Wollaston Neighbourhood Plan on which a Working Group, including several Parish Councillors, including myself, has been working hard for over 3 years. The Plan, having been approved as legally correct by the Borough Council of Wellingborough, is now in the process of being inspected by a Department of Communities and Local Government Inspector. Once this has been approved by the appointed Inspector, the plan will be put to the vote in a referendum solely for Wollaston ward. This plan is the only way that we in the village can have control over development of our village and already the Plan has cut the number of new houses to be built in Wollaston, as allocated by the Government, to 80 from the 180 that the Regional Plan proposed. If we do not vote to approve this Plan in the referendum later this Summer, the village will have no Neighbourhood Plan and we will have no say in what development the Borough of Wellingborough wish to allow. The Parish Council very much hopes that most of the electors of Wollaston will approve the adoption of our Plan.

The present Wollaston Tennis Club is unfortunately disbanding at the end of its Winter season in March and the Council wondered if anyone in the village would be interested in forming a new club to take its place. We have two courts down at the Playing Fields with floodlighting for all year round play, which is now largely
free from regular use. So if you, or anyone you know, may be interested then please contact our Clerk in the first instance on 07856-203260, via email at
wollastonparishcouncil@btinternet.com or at office 1 in the Scott Bader Innovation Centre.

An issue about which villagers have been complaining to the Parish Council is that of dog mess in our streets and green spaces. The Parish Council has arranged for dog bins to be placed strategically around the village, which are emptied by Wellingborough Norse. It is unfair and a danger to health when dog owners do not clear up their dog’s excrement. From April 2016 it will be a legal requirement for all dogs to be microchipped and to have their DNA recorded on a national database. This means that dog wardens and local government will have a means of identifying the dog responsible for the mess and their owners can then be prosecuted under local bylaws. The Parish Council strongly recommends that all dog owners carry plastic bags with them on dog walks and clean up dog mess and deposit the bags in the dog bins there for that purpose. Please have a care for your neighbours and be a considerate dog owner.

Following the resignation of one of the two new Councillors co-opted last May, The Council advertised for volunteers to fill this Councillor vacancy. We are
pleased to announce that after considering three applications the Council voted to co-opt Mr James Mackenzie who has a military background and who has
lived in the village for 11 years. 

I finish this note with concern, having heard yesterday about the terrible armed robbery at our Coop shop. This is a very serious occurrence and our sympathy goes to the shop staff and customers attacked in such a brutal way. We all hope that the offenders, who appear to have hit other Coops in the area, will be caught by the Police. Meanwhile we ask villagers to be vigilant as there have been a number of break-ins recently and a nasty assault on a pensioner in his own home. Only our continued vigilance will help Northants Police catch these criminals. Wollaston is a very law- abiding village with an average of only 11 minor crimes per month. Let us all strive to keep it that way.

The Parish Council wishes everyone a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year.

Dr Mike Goldsmith
Parish Councillor