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WASNAV News from Pamela Bailey

Three weeks before Christmas I had an operation on my foot which meant that my mobility as far as walking was concerned was very limited.   With all the Christmas chocolates and other goodies around to limit one's exercise having one's bunion removed at that time is not a good idea!  Unable to walk far my husband Allan and I decided to take short walks around the village.  Oh dear!  What did we see?  Doggies' calling cards everywhere. I know that most dog owners are very responsible and clear up the dog dirt but some just don’t think they should.  At least the Parish Council can say that there have not been so many dogs off -lead on the playing field recently, but this is most likely why the village pavements are being fouled instead. Please dog owners clear up after your dog.

Improving the look of the village

The Parish Councillors are looking for ways to improve the look of the village through the Spring and Summer and we intend to improve the area around the bus shelter in Cobbs Lane, this should improve that entrance to the village. Also we are looking into having the tiled roof on the stone built shelter near the senior school  opposite Francis Dickins Close repaired    We would value your ideas to improve the appearance of the village.

Cars parked on pavements are not only a hazard for pedestrians, push chairs and invalid scooters, they can cause damage and we have recently had many pavements resurfaced.  Wollaston was not designed for cars and the problem gets worse all the time.  To some people it is not only annoying it makes getting about very difficult for them.  The Parish Council would love to hear if anyone has a solution to this problem.

Pocket Park

The pocket park is a lovely asset to our village and is entirely looked after by volunteers.  If you like gardening and have some time to spare more help is required.  Please contact our village clerk Angela Young tel: 667722

Neighbourhood Plan

You will all have received the questionnaire regarding the neighbourhood plan.  Thank you those who replied, we are most grateful and the replies are being analyzed.  Quite a few people had the impression that the Parish Council were intending to build more houses around the village. This is not so.  We, like everyone else who live in Wollaston, do not want to build estates of houses outside the village policy line.  Unfortunately with the National Government’s need for more housing and Northamptonshire County Council’s requirement to build thousands of houses, Wollaston will have to take its share of new houses.  The purpose of the plan is for us to build where we think would be best and not where we are told to build.

There is still more work to be done and there will be more consultation with the residents of the village and next year we aim to put the plan to the village at a referendum and your vote will decide the future of Wollaston’s building policy.    

Pamela Bailey