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WASNAV news (June 2014)

Improvements within Wollaston

With the onset of summer a a new financial year we have been taking a good look at our village and ways in which we can make it better.  Refurbishing bus shelters and benches is on the list of aesthetic improvements along with purchasing more rubbish bins.  We are also looking to re-paint the black and white Victorian signs around the centre of the village.  The playing field and parks committee are currently looking at ways to improve their facilities and these include purchasing new benches and bins as well as ongoing work to the tennis courts.  As well as these works, the County Council has agreed to tidy up the open space in the conservation area near the Church.  Please let a member of the Council or the Clerk know if there are any improvements you feel our village would benefit from.

War graves

You may have noticed a new sign on the wall outside the Cobbs Lane cemetery which reads: "At this location there are Commonwealth War Graves".  There are 7 war graves in our cemetery and with the advent of the 100th anniversary of the Great War, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission is looking to raise awareness of its work.  The maintenance of the cemetery is now being undertaken by Wellingborough Norse, in partnership with the Borough Council of Wellingborough but you can still contact the Parish Council if you would like to bring anything to our attention.

Wollaston Youth Group

The Parish Council is delighted to announce that it has re-started the Wollaston Youth Group.  We have signed a 1 year contract with Service Six, a well-established Northants youth organisation, who will be running the Group for the village.  During the year, Service Six will be looking for youth leader volunteers from Wollaston who will receive all the necessary training to continue running the Group in Year 2, so that it can be self-sustaining in the future.  The Youth Group is open to 13-19 year olds and is at The Oasis on Thursdays (all year round) from 7-9pm.  The subs are 50p and the Club provides a range of activities, including WII, pool table, table tennis, tuck shop and games.  Service Six are drawing up an activity plan for the next 3 months which will be advertised in due course.  The Group will also be organising fund-raising activities to help buy new equipment and fund trips or expeditions.  They would welcome new members and the support from Wollaston villagers to make the new Youth Group a roaring success.

Street lamps

You may well have received communication through your door from Balfour Beatty regarding the upgrading of street lamps in your road. The upgrades are ahead of schedule and we are hopeful that over the course of the next few months the whole village will have had the new lamps installed. To find out when work is scheduled for your area follow the link: www.lightingnorthamptonshire.com

Superfast fibre optic broadband - Wollaston expects!

Following 18 months of lobbying, the Parish Council received  notification from Northamptonshire County Council on May 9th confirming that Wollaston has been reclassified as a WHITE AREA for the purposes of the proposed new Intervention Area map and therefore eligible to receive State aid through the Superfast Northamptonshire project.

Residents may know that the village was not part of the initial roll out that is currently underway and due to be complete by 2015, but following a further Open Market Review with the commercial market concluded in May 2014 Wollaston will now be within scope of  the Next Generation  phase 2 of the programme.

This means that Wollaston will be part of the area which the County Council will put forward to suppliers in its forthcoming procurement - bidders will be invited to respond with their proposals to extend superfast broadband as far as possible within the Intervention Area for the public sector gap funding available. Areas of high demand, including Wollaston which is top of the demand "top ten" countywide, will be promoted through the procurement process as key local priorities, as will business connectivity. The procurement should be concluded by the Autumn and this is when the geography of the phase 2 roll out and expected timescales will be known.

The County Council's target is to secure access to superfast broadband to all parts of the county by the end of 2017 and this next procurement will be a major step towards this.
Given the history and lobbying that has taken place, we in Wollaston can be quietly optimistic about the timing to become a front runner for this phase 2 of the NCC Next Generation Project.

Next stages:
•    NCC has issued a State aid Public Consultation that will close on June 9th. Following this consultation the revised Intervention Area will then be formally confirmed.
•    A procurement process will then follow and invitations to tender to be concluded by the Autumn of 2014.  
•    The related deployment plans and timing should also be announced in the Autumn - these plans will be dependent on the outcome of on-site planning and survey work which will follow. This process is explained on the Superfast Northamptonshire project website.

Well done and thank you to all residents who took the trouble to complete the broadband survey and a special thank you to over 80 businesses that completed the business survey, this expression of interest has been very influential.

Also the Parish Council is very grateful for the work and behind the scenes lobbying on our behalf by our County Councillor Sue Homer. We must also thank the NCC Superfast Project team for their patience listening to our case and ensuring Wollaston will receive fibre optic superfast broadband at the earliest opportunity.