Wollaston Parish Council

Wollaston Parish Council

Parish Assembly Notice

The Annual Assembly of the Parish of Wollaston is to be held at 7pm on Thursday 19th March 2015, at The Village Hall, High Street, prior to the Parish Council meeting. Read more.

Consider being a Parish Councillor

Find out about the work of the Parish Council and consider joining us.  Find out more here

WASNAV Report December 2014

Coucillor Jonathan Alms has compiled the latest WASNAV report.  Read the full article

Neighbourhood Plan news

The latest report is available to read with key findings from the questionnaire on housing (numbers, types, tenures and sites), employment, parking, road safety, conservation and open spaces.  Read the full report.

Wollaston's heritage

Green plaqueAs a starting point, why not explore the Heritage Walk, which will take you on a tour of Wollaston's unique historical features.  The walk is structured around Wollaston's green plaques, which commemorate locations relating to Wollaston's diverse and rich heritage.  These green plaques were erected by the Parish Council as part of Wollaston's millennium celebrations.