Wollaston Parish Council

Wollaston Parish Council

Elections 2015

As you all know, May has been a month of elections, both local and national; all the results are in and the successful candidates have been named.           Find out more here.

Parish Chair report 2014-2015

The Parish Council Report is the last one for this Parish Council as elections loom for all levels of Government - National
and Local.  Read more

Neighbourhood Plan news

The latest report is available to read with key findings from the questionnaire on housing (numbers, types, tenures and sites), employment, parking, road safety, conservation and open spaces.  Read the full report.

Wollaston's heritage

Green plaqueAs a starting point, why not explore the Heritage Walk, which will take you on a tour of Wollaston's unique historical features.  The walk is structured around Wollaston's green plaques, which commemorate locations relating to Wollaston's diverse and rich heritage.  These green plaques were erected by the Parish Council as part of Wollaston's millennium celebrations.