Wollaston Parish Council

Role of Parish Council

The Aim of the Parish Council is to enhance and protect the quality of life of the residents of the village and to ensure that Wollaston retains the attributes and facilities that make it such a desirable village in which to live.

The Council strives to meet this aim by using the authority of various Acts of Parliament, Orders and Regulations invested in it. The Parish Council is responsible for the following:

Regular meetings

We hold a monthly meeting (except for August) to which all councillors discuss and act on the matters listed below.

Listening and acting upon matters raised by members of the public

At our meetings we listen and act on matters raised by members of the public.  Also, members of the public are able to raise matters of interest or concern during the first 15 minutes of these monthly meetings.

Council tax

We set the Parish Council portion of the Borough Council Tax.



  • We act as formal consultee on all planning applications for building within the parish.
  • We act as a Regional Stakeholder in wider planning issues concerning the Regional Development plans for North Northamptonshire being undertaken by the North Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit.

Street lighting

We pay for the maintenance and energy charges of the ten street lights in the village that the Parish Council still own. The remainder are the responsibility of Northamptonshire County Council.

Grass cutting

We arrange the contracting for the cutting of the grass verges of the roads and footpaths in and around the village.


Wellingborough Norse are contracted to maintain the cemetery on behalf of the burial authority, the Borough Council of Wellingborough. The Parish Council liaises with Wellingborough Norse to ensure the cemetery is kept in good order.

Playing Field

We maintain the Playing Field and the facilities on it and are responsible for the administration of the Pocket Park.

Play areas

We maintain the play areas within the village (except the Pyghtles which is still owned by the Developer).

Community project support

  • We initiate and fund (sometimes with the aid of external grants) capital projects that benefit the community. Recent examples include Playing Field fencing and the village hall storeroom.
  • We support village events, organisations and charities that the council consider essential or beneficial to the community. Examples include WASNAV, The Museum / Heritage Society and the Pocket Park.

Village hall

We hold the Village Hall in trust for Wollaston.  The running and maintenance of the hall is devolved to the Village Hall Committee.

Seats, benches and bus shelters

We maintain the seats, benches and bus shelters within the village.


We work with the Police to safeguard the village against crime, vandalism and anti social behaviour.

Youth Project

We support the village Youth Project to ensure the youth of the village have an amenity of their own.


We advise the Borough and County Councils on traffic, roads and other miscellaneous matters.